Step 1 - To start off, head over to the home page in which will display the "add device" button in either the centre, or the top right of your screen.

Step 2 - Once you're there, click on the "add device" button as shown in the video.

Step 3 - You'll now be directed to a page which shows all devices that are compatible with the Noxu Smart app, for any Noxu Lamp/Light, you need to click on the "Lighting" section (Far left, 2nd option down), then locate "Strip Lights (Wi-Fi) and click on it!

Step 4 - Here you'll be asked to enter both your Wi-Fi name, and password, please enter both and click "Next".

Step 5 - Here you need to Set the lamp as "Rapidly Blinking", to achieve this you need to hold the power button on the light's control box for 5 seconds, once done, your lamp will begin to blink red, rapidly

Step 6 - Once your lamp is blinking rapidly, you can confirm this on the app and click "Next". The app will begin to search for any Noxu lamp that is rapidly blinking (in pairing mode) and connect to it, this can take up to 120 seconds so please be patient!

Step 7 - As soon as your lamp has been registered on the cloud, you'll be redirected to a confirmation page where you can either rename your lamp, or begin to control it.